Julia Zucker is an expert in the au pair business:

  • born and raised in Austria
  • kindergarten teacher and after school care provider
  • 2009 – 2011 au pair in the State of New York (USA)
  • interviewer and counselor for a big au pair agency
  • 2015/16 au pair in Paris (France)
  • workaway/wwoofing at a farm in France
  • 2016 au pair in Corsica (France)
  • in between (mainly) solo traveling the world

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Have you ever been on a roller coaster before? First you see it and it looks big an awesome. You hear people screaming and cheering while others can’t say anything. The people who get off the ride laugh and cheer, while others got sick and look out for the next bucket. You get excited and nervous and after thinking about it, you maybe decide to buy a ticket. Now it’s getting serious. You take a seat and off it goes. It goes all the way up and you get to have this amazing view, but all of a sudden you fall. You leave your stomach behind and get dizzy. In between you ask yourself when this is over, but then you see the next awesome loop coming up. And before you know it, it’s over. Maybe the ride was awesome and the most amazing thing you ever did. Maybe the ride wasn’t pleasant at all and you couldn’t wait to get off. Maybe you can’t believe that it’s over already and consider doing it again. Either way, there remains a sense of pride. That’s how I would describe the abroad experience in a nutshell. But the truth is, you’ll never find out yourself unless you do it. – Julia Zucker


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