Milking Donkeys


After all my au pair adventures I just knew that it was time for another experience. I wanted to work with my hands and I wanted to be exhausted at the end of the day. My friend introduced me to a website called and I decided to register. It is based on the idea of exchanging a few hours per day of your help in return for both food and accommodation. After a long search I finally made a decision and got in touch with a host in the south west of France. Their advert sounded really nice and ideal as the job description included milking donkeys and making soap. I was lucky as they weren’t booked out and so I made my way to France. Continue reading


The Julia Zucker’s personal favorites and must dos in New York

IPhone Julia 225

“There is an energy to New York that is unlike any other city in the world.” – XXMK

I am very excited about this Blog post since it’s dedicated to the city I love the most: NEW YORK. Ever since I au paired in Westchester NY, I am madly in love with this city. I visited plenty of American cities while living there, but to me there is just no place as awesome and amazing as “the city that never sleeps”. New York was actually one of the reasons why I extended my au pair time and it also made me realize that I am a city person. In the past years I revisited New York three times already as going there is just always a good idea. This city has a lot to offer and I feel like there is so much I actually haven’t seen yet. May I proudly present to you my personal New York favorites:

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